When a fifty-year older CIGRE (Conseil – or Conference from 1921 to 2002 – International des Grands Réseaux Electriques) was reorganized, its area of interest was widened to include distribution systems, motivated primarily by the development of distributed generation and the resulting impact on planning and operation of transmission networks. The issues covered earlier by CIGRE Study Committee 37 (Network Planning and Development) became the work contents of a new Study Committee C6 Distribution Network and Distributed Generation.

This new Study Committee C6 was set up in August 2002 – as part of a major redefinition of the whole CIGRE – as a place for exchange of experiences with distributed generation in a power system: technological and economic, technical and operational, organizational and trade experiences. Along with this primary interest, the area of work was expanded to include demand management, energy storage and rural electrification.

All other endogenous distribution system issues remained in CIRED: plants, development, distribution network operation and control (including connection to the network and impact of distributed generation), quality of electricity supply and other issues relating to customers, organization, management and operation of distribution companies in the new competitive environment.