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Pre-seminar: Smart City PDF Print E-mail

Coordinator: Prof. dr Dragoslav JOVANOVIC

Pre-seminar will be held on September 24, from 12:00-14:00, in Hall 1

Topic 1: M. Lutovac: Smart Greed, Serbian Power Distribution direction

Topic 2: A. Janjic: Smart city, world experiences

Topic 3: Smart city Novi Sad

Topic 4: Smart city Belgrade

Topic 5: J. Aleksic, Schneider Electric, Telvent DMS: Smart city, roadmap

Topic 6: Kamstrup: Kamstrup’s visions for Smart Metering as the foundation for the Smart Grid


Entrance to the Pre-Seminar is free and we invite all participants of the Conference to join us and attend this unique and interesting event.


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